Story Behind Get Wonky 

Hey guys, so we wanted to share our journey so far with you, and perhaps allow you to learn a bit more about our inner world! We are Karina and Maciek — founders of Get Wonky. First of all, we would like to introduce you to our two incredible miracles – Michelle and Isabelle. 7 months ago we added two wonderful princesses to our Wonky family. And yes – sometimes miracles come in pairs. 
So… when we were kids, we both had similar childhoods: our nans used to treat us with apple pies, jams and juices made from a lovely produce that was picked up from our family orchard irrespective of its size or shape.

To this day, our 80 year old orchard in Poland provides our family with strawberries, apples, pears, carrots, beetroots and many other healthy goodies. The main moral behind this story is the connection and the spirit that we shared in our past.

One day we came across the Love Food Hate Waste Campaign, which said that we throw away over 4.4 million apples every day. This is when we decided to start the mission against the waste and give wonky fruit a chance – because there is no ‘planet B’. We see this major problem through a global lens, and our mission is to tackle food and plastic waste in the UK and Europe. We are truly blessed in being able to create drinks that we are happy to treat our children with, just like our nans used treat us.

We believe in a sustainable future, and we are on a mission to educate the next generation so there is no food poverty and no food waste. We have proved that we can make a huge impact while having a low budget and limited experience. With the right mindset and big dreams, we have already saved 243 tonnes of produce and supported thousands of vulnerable people. 

What is next? We are only just getting started on our mission…stay tuned – new range is coming soon, our big big plan is to establish our own facility locally, launch into retail and save 600 tonnes of wonky produce by January.We are wonky, and we stand for a sustainable future. ♻️❤️



Merry Christmas From Get Wonky

From all of us at Get Wonky, to all you wonky people out there, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


As a start-up company, we have been fighting food waste for one year now, and we are believe that we are going to win the battle! While making delicious juices, we have already saved 85,000 KG of wonky produce, which otherwise might have been discarded. Our goal is to save 300 tonnes before May 2018.

Last week we made our first delivery of over 7.000 bottles to the local FareShare organization in Cardiff. We have been following the amazing work they do for quite a while now, and when we noticed that some of our bottles are short of date, we saw an amazing opportunity to support them.

FareShare will now redistribute our drinks to their network of charities and community groups, who provide meals to vulnerable people throughout Wales. This way, we are happy to support children’s clubs, lunch clubs for older people, homeless hostels, and refuges. Together we are turning 1+1 into 3 by tackling food waste, helping people in need and enabling everybody to get wonky at the same time!

Get Wonky founder, Maciek Kacprzyk, calls the new partnership ‘a great success‘ and says that he believes that the two organizations will work together over the next few decades. ‘All together we want to continue fighting to create a better UK’.